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Forever Grateful for the Hemet by Marie

We were at an annual trail event as helpers so we didn't bring our horses. My son is an avid rider and a "safe" horse was offered so he could participate. The horse experienced severe seperation anxiety and began to rear - unaware that it was facing uphill - and when it reached its full extension it just hung there - until it went over backwards. The air was filled with a collective gasp from onlookers as my son literally scrambled in mid air to clear his body from the falling horse. He managed to clear everything but his leg. The impact of the saddle horn on his lower leg put a nice sized hole in it. We asked him if he hit his head and he said no so we rushed him to the hospital where he was xray'd, cleaned, stitched & released. Boy! was luck with him - but we didn't realize just how much luck until we arrived back at camp. We were greeted by people holding his helmet. The hard plastic outer portion of the helmet was split from one end to the other as was the inner portion. Thank God for the helmet. Thank God for the old style hard shell borrowed helmet. My son survived to tell the story and the helmet is making the rounds through our horse community to PREACH THE NEED FOR A HELMET.

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