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falling off by Mai Rashid

This person I know purchased a new horse and wanted someone to ride with while she schooled him.. so I rode her 12 year old, perfect, bomb proof, push button horse.. had been for over a week... we were coming back from a perfect ride, and, as I was feeling quite confident, I had him on a loose rein.. She asked if we could trot.. and we did, and next thing you know, the two horses were racing.. cantering and into a gallop (or so it felt) I coudn't stop my horse so I tried to turn him into a ditch to slow him down and next thing you know I was down in the ditch and he was down the road.. I actually never felt my head hitting anything.. in fact.. looking for my crop (!) I found this black shiny piece of plastic and thought: "gosh, someone's lost a piece of machinery" until I realized it was part of my Troxel helmet... Well, I got back on (he eventually stopped) and it's only when we got back to the barn that I saw that my helmet was smashed to smithereens.. that would've been my head!!! Thank you Troxel (and I NEVER ride without my helmet)

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