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My Horse Suddenly Died! by Jann

I never wore a helmet six mos prior to my accident. I had gotten back into horses after 18 years of being away. We did not wear helmets when I was a little girl. Fortunately I found a trainer who ABSOLUTLEY insisted I wear a helmet. After all I made my daughter. I decided I needed an escape so I saddled Vista and told my daughter I would be back in a hour or so. I took no ID, or cell phone. On the way back from a wonderful ride Vista stumbled for no apparent reason. I looked down and could not figure out why she stumbled. The next thing I knew I was flying thru the air like superman. When I landed my first thought was, okay that wasn't so bad. My jaw hurt, but I wasn't dead. What I did not expect was my 1000 lb mare to land on me. At this point I was pinned face down underneath her. What I did not know, was that she was dying. She was kicking and flailing trying to survive. I was kicked about 6-7 times in the head. I gave up! I remember being pulled backwards, helmet was hanging on the side of my head. Blood was pouring out from the back of my head. Vista was already dead, that did not make any sense to me. Of course I was rushed in the the local trauma center, 3 hours and eight thousands dollars later I went home. I know speak at local horse functions, and carry my helmet. I believe I have impacted a few individuals. My point is, who would expect their horse to die from a brain anuerysm while riding? It happened to me, we were just walking home. I had no id on me, and I will never ride alone again. My license plates states... WR HLMT ... It has become my passion and crusade in life.

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