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Red Wasps by Pam Morrow

It was our annual "girls ride" --we had unpacked and gotten settled and wanted to go on "just a short ride around the camp site". I remember saddleing my horse, getting on, thinking that I didn't need my helmet since it was just a short ride. Then I remembered a promise I'd made to my daughter and husband to always wear my helmet. I got off my horse and went to get my dorky helment.We were about 2 hrs into the ride and must've stirred up some wasps. From what I was told he suddenly lunged forward then bucked. I hit the ground and don't remember much of the next couple of days. After I started feeling nauseous back at camp they called the paramedics. I knew my date of birth but insisted I was 57, I'm 43. I am the only one who consistantly rides with a helmet. The next day everyone wore their helmet. I had about a 3/4" dent in my helmet right about my right ear. Needless to say I enjoyed the rest of the weekend from the front porch swing.

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