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Helmets by Gwilda

I went to my state capitol to meet Long Rider, Gene Glasscock I was so excited when he asked me to ride in to the capitol with him, I would have to ride one of his horses, bare back, and I'm not a great rider! But in the excitement I just had do do it. My friend had her helmet in her truck and brought it to me to wear. I'm sure this saved my life! Everything was going well when we left the park, headed for the capitol, 5 miles away. Then some of the endurance riders got ahead, and Gene on his horse was up ahead of me, I was riding the horse he packed for the day. "Frank," the horse relised his buddy was way ahead, and decided to catch up! We went from 0 to 60 in about 3 seconds! This was a TWH , but it was not a "rack". I hit the pavement in front of the police escort car. I'm not to sure what hit first?? My head or my butt! But my helmet was cracked in three places.............. I lost the lense out of my glasses. I did get back on the horse, the other one , that had a saddle on, my double vision cleared after a mile or so. Always wear a helmet! Every Ride, Every Time! I'm a Registered Nurse, and I have seen to many head injuries, that might have been pervented. Gwilda

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