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broke my arm, but my helmet saved me by Rosemary

My situation happened Sept 20, 2003 at a local Virginia riding stable. I had been riding at this particular stable for a year, but had only been cantering 3 times. I was given a "new" horse (new to me) to ride that day, and on the canter at the end of class, he galloped. I panicked....didn't know how to slow him down, and off I went, landing directly on my left arm, rolling it under my body and breaking the humerus in 3 places. Eight months later, and with an 8 inch metal plate and 6 screws to hold my broken humerus together, I can now return to work and do almost all of my activities. Will I ride again? Probably not. But, I still have my helmet in my closet to show people the crease that could have been the left side of my skull after I was thrown. Helmets should be mandatory for every equestrian adventure, including "leisurely" trail rides. It's too bad it happened to me, but I am eternally grateful that I am still here. (by the way, I'm no kid...I'm 41 and was fulfilling a childhood dream by taking lessons and being around horses, but that life is not for me). Thank you for reading my story.

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