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Daughter is laughing at T.V. tonite instead of being rushed to Emergency room by Karen Sullivan

My daugther and I have ridden all our lives. My daugther is almost 17, and a very good rider. I started wearing a helmet when I was about 32, after being bucked off by a young Quarter Horse. When I started riding Arabs in endurance, there was a lot of encouragement to wear helmets, so I got one, and eventually talked all my riding friends in to them. My kids and I always wear helmets when we ride. In the past 10 years, I have seen maybe 10 people come off horses, and several have come off onto their heads. The helmets have saved their lives.

Anyway, my daugther and I had done a pleasant evening ride on two of our horses, totally steady 13 yr. Arab and our newer mustang mare, who is very level headed. Upon approaching the parking area, the mare "looked funny" at one of the trailers and did a spectacular spook. My daughter tried to stay on, but was unbalanced and the mare flung her off in front of her. My daugther landed on her hip, back, and hit her head harder then she ever has. She, however was fine. Her helmet landed on a very sharp rock, which put a 2" dent into the back of the helmet....had she been bareheaded she might now be alive.

My advice is always, always wear a helmet! Even good, steady horses can get stung, trip and fall, etc. A horse in the forest can get stung and spook you right into a tree branch! It does not matter how well trained the horse is, or how good the rider never know what can happen!!!

Absolutely great working on editorial for local newspaper with editor; as our local JUNIOR riding groups DO NOT require helmets!!! One girl has already had a serious head injury when her horse reared on pavement and she fell off and hit her head. Another local man was killed when his horse bucked him off at a rodeo and he hit his head.

Karen Sullivan

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