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Crushed Helmet instead of Head by Karen

I have been riding horses since I was a kid and, of course, never wore a helmet unless I was taking a jumping lesson. I was extremely lucky for 30 years. Then I bought an Arabian mare off of the track and it occured to me that it might be a good idea to buy a helmet after getting bucked off a couple of times. After about 6 months of riding her I was feeling confident enough on her to trot her on the dirt roads by the irrigation ditches dispite many spooks. The last thing I remember is her bucking and me looking at the water in the irrigation ditch and thinking "I do not want to fall in there!" I came to & found myself sitting in the stable owner's office talking to her. I had walked back to the stable (about 1/2 mile) and she saw me looking dazed and had me sit down. My horse took the long way home and ran the mile loop back to the stable. My helmet had scrape marks on the back and on the side so I think she kicked me after I fell. I had a concussion, bad headace, blurred vision, & depression for about a week afterwards. Thank God I had that helmet on! I think my head took the full impact of the fall because I had no brusing or scrapes anywhere else on me. I went back to square one with the mare and now 2 years later she is very trusting and solid. We're doing a little jumping, dressage and endurance. We have our first Horse Trial this weekend and the following weekend we're doing a 25 mile limited distance ride. I'm glad I hung on to her.

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