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One big bad fall and one that will never be forgotten!! by VIctoria

One day i was at a show and it was raining off and on, and i was doing jumpers, my pony WONDER WOMAN!!! and i came to an oxer and we took off just a tad long but we sliped right as we took off. She came down in the middle and fliped over.(I was nocked out because the pole broke on my head, she (maggie) fliped on top of me and we made a letter (Y) she slid to the ral and i slid to the middle of the ring) but someone went to grab her, she ran away from them and she did not notice i was right there she galloped over me and steped one my left side. I chould not do anything with my left side. When i got to the hospatal the doc.'s thought i was palarised in my left side. They took all kids of x-rays. I had 3 cat-scans and about 50 x-rays i was there for 3 1/2 days! It was not fun. But my point was that is i had that vest on i would not have had a brocken rib-chage or a brused knidey! but I was vary lucky that i did not die! I am still showing her to day and we went to devon, and had fun i love maggie she is the best pony ever for still jumping aroud after that scarry avent!!!!

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