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No Helmet, Big Problem by Kim

My mom, my brother, two neighbors and I were all ridingalong a fence-line when one of our neighbors asked to run. She was a barrel racer and my mom told her to go ahead. So when she took and my neighbor-friend, took off after her. We didn't know what would happen. Apparently my mom's horse had bucked because she couldn't run because she was recovering from a leg injury. Thank God my brother stayed with her. My mom still had on spurs that she was going to give to me. And when that horse needs spurs Pigs will be flying! My mom had gripped with her legs and - apparently- spurs. when the horse bucked the second time it cought my mom off gaurd. It sent my mom flying into a large wooden fencepole. Her jaw was broken at the "hinge". She almost had to have plates put in but she only had to have surgury to put a piece of her bone back. A helmet probably would have muffled the impact, but she wasn't wearing one. So, that's a lesson always wear your helmet. (ayear later she found a perfect helmet and wears it EVERY time she rides.)

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