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Flat Gallop by Lauren

One afternoon I was riding my 5 year old Thourghbred gelding around one of our big open paddocks. Im a confident rider but I have always worn a helmet, my friend up the raod never wears a helmet on her moody mare so I thought one day I will ba ok and not wear it.Today I kept in on just in case.We were having a nice steady, comfortable canter untill we both got board with it and wanted to go a bit faster so we ended up at a flat gallop. We came to the end of the paddock and i pulled on his right reign to turn right but he decided to go left. So I slipped off. I thought my foot was going to get caught in the stirrup, so I quickly kicked my feet out and dropped my reigns just in time as I fell. I landed onto my knees then fell back onto my head. Lucky I was wearing my helmet or I proberly would be in hospital.

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