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Helmet saved my daughter's life! by nikki

It was a VERY,VERY scarey night. My 12 year old daughter Kat was running her pony Star in the last class of the show Open Arena Race. As Star round the end barrel she tripped and lost her balance. It threw Kat forward and Star could not catch herself and summer saulted over Kat. With God's help,her guardian Angel and Kat's helmet she came out of it with only a bruised tail bone and some scrapes and bruises. I never saw one tear flow from Kats eyes. I know she must have been terrified although my brave little girl never showed it. I know I and everyone arround her was. I thank GOD for her wearing her helmet. Right now I cant look at it. It was smashed almost in two along the top, from front to back. There is no doubt in my mind that it saved her life. Noone who saw that helmet could believe she wasnt hurt worse. I have sent a letter to the local officers in our riding clubs to please make it a rule that anyone under 18 must wear a helmet in the riding classes. We are going to show the helmet at our Awards banquets this fall so everyone can see why children need to wear them. It shouldnt matter what it looks like on your head as long as it can possibly save your life. I know I sound like I am preaching, I just hope noone I know has to go through that. You could not imagine the terror unless it happens to you. The people in our Club were awsome. I had several offers to haul my horses home. Noone even lives close to me and they drove 40 miles to my home to unload my horses then had to drive back. It was a very late night for everyone. Everyone knew what to say and do to try and make it easier on us. We couldnt have been surrounded by a more wonderful group of people. I thank them from the bottom of my heart. We didnt get home til 4:00 a.m. this morning. Kat is feeling a little better today. We just came in from checking on Star. She has a few scrapes on her face and forehead. She lost half of the eye lashes on her right eye. But over all is not sore. Kat was relieved. She plans to ride again when she is feeling better and gets her new helmet. I am not sure if we will be running timed events anymore but at least she wants to ride. I am very proud of her! Here is a link to pictures of the helmet. They give me chills to look at it.

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