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Horse bucked me off twise in one lesson!!!!!!! by Kim

I am 16 and have been riding since I was 13. Our lesson was trotting without sturrips (SCARY) Anyways, I was riding a new horse, he was about 16 hands. And I dropped my sturrips and started trotting around the arena, and I lost my balance, so I tryed to grab my horses neck for support, (I didnt know this at the time, but that horse hated anyone leaning on him) so he gave a small buck, but since I was off balance at the time, even that small buck caused me to come off. I landed flat on my butt, then fell back and hit my head. I was fine though and I got back on. Then my teacher had me ride over cavelettes and the same thing happened again, I lost my balance, fell forward, this time he make a big buck, and I went flying, and landed flat on my back and head. All I remember was looking up and seeing this huge horse trotting by me. I had a bruise on my elbow and a sore back, but thanks to my helmet, that was all that was bruised. Man talk about bad luck, falling off twise in one lesson! I dont think I will ever ride that horse or trot without sturrips again.

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