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4H kids and helmets by Debbie Crowder

I am a 4h leader. Some of my kids come to my barn, and another barn where another club has kids as well. One of my kids, Angie, 11, looks up to 17 year old Cindy, who frequently takes rides in from the pasture with just a halter, lead rope and no helmet. Cindy also will ride without a helmet just because she likes to. I found out Angie took a ride on Cindy's horse when she brought her in, also no helmet, a halter and lead rope. I called Angie's parents and told them (I'm a big snitch!) and they were shocked. Angie knew it was wrong, but followed her idol Cindy's example to be cool. I gave her the "10 Reason's It's Cool to Wear a Riding Helmet" and asked her to do her Public Speaking contest speech based on that article. I think Angie might work on Cindy if she loves her that least that's my next plan!

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