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Helmets are life savers by Beth

It was a August day at a Fun show were you odn't have to wear a helment. I was joking with my trainer about a gelding i was going to go and Try to see if I wanted him about i'm going to get bucked off because he hasn't been riding in 4 years. I never thought the pretty 8 year old paint horse i was holding on-to would be the one I got bucked off of. My trainer begged me to ride her horse JD which i've riden several times before and we got along just fine, my plan was to go and show halter wtih a AQHA and show him in Walk-Trot class. But i listened to my friend telling me your going to kick butt on JD so i showned him in English pleasure 14-18. The class was going well into the judge asked us to canter JD was collected into he got spooked at something and took off with me. I tried and tried to get him back to me, but he just put his head down and went faster. I remember going around 4 times trying to get him back into the bit i remeber going around the arena and looking at my mom and screaming JD WHOA. Didn't work the next thing i remember was a man holding my head telling sweety don't move. I don't remember getting bucked off of the horse but i've been told i went head into the railing i broke my helment. Theres a big crack in the middle and then dents all-around the top of it. I needed up with some brusies and cuts and sore ribs but what i could of got killed but thanks to my gut i listend and pulled the helment onto my head. I shocked everyone when i got back to the show and helped load up Jd, and Bandit and was fine with the outcome. I put my helment on all the time know because even though you know the horse it just takes one thing to spook them and you be stuck in a chair for the rest of your life or without your life for the rest of your life. So please when you ride your horse please put that helment on even though they love you it just takes one thing.

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