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I'd be dead if not for my helmet by Shirley

I am a 60 year old woman. I have worn a helmet for the past ten years "just in case" but never thinking I would need it. One day while calmly walking down a bridle path in a local park, my horse suddenly leaped forward when a jogger came into site behind us. I landed on some jagged two-inch rocks, the kind used for a base in road beds. One rock injured my back and one put a golf-ball size dent in my helmet in the back near the bottom edge and cracked the shell. That dent would have shattered the base of my skull and I firmly believe I would be dead if I had not been wearing my helmet. Four years later my back still troubles me somewhat, but I never even had a headache thanks to my helmet. By the way, the manufacturer replaced it for nothing more than shipping charges.

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