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Helmet saved me by Lisa Marie

In 2000 I had just started riding my then 3 year old Arabian gelding out on trails. Well, the group I was with took off ahead of me and I was unable to hold my horse back. He took off with a tremendous buck and threw me up and out in front of him. I landed in deep sand on my back in front of him, across the trail like a downed tree! I remember thinking that all in all the fall wasn't that bad...then he jumped over me and clipped my head with his unshod foot as he went over. That was a different story! I felt like my head had been whacked with a metal ball bat. Needless to say I nearly lost consciousness and found that my glasses were twisted and broken and I had a sinus full of blood. I suffered a broken orbital bone which had to be surgically repaired and ended up with a few minor stitches just under my eyebrow. I KNOW MY HELMET SAVED MY LIFE! I've been riding with one on since college in 1991 in Wyoming where a fellow classmate suffered a head injury from being kicked in the head and he was never the same after that. I don't care how odd I may look, I've only got ONE HEAD.

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