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My helmet made a difference! by Laura

I am 44 years old, and have returned to riding after a 20+ year hiatus. I am using a helmet (due to the urging of my trainer), something that I would have never done on my own because I always felt they looked dorkey. My 5 year old gelding is greenbroke, and can be quite a handful. We had a good ride in the roundpen yesterday...Walk, trot - all beautiful! Feeling confident, I asked him for a canter. I only vaguely remember what happened. I know I lost my seat with his first or second buck, then he reared - hitting me in the face with his head. I was thrown and landed headfirst. Today (the day after), I am sore - but I'm not permanently injured. I believe my helmet saved me from serious injury, and will never again consider riding without it!

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