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I Was Watching by Sandra

I was in the arena while my beautiful 13 year old daughter was practicing jumps on a new horse. She was doing well for several jumps until for no apparent reason her horse stopped suddenly and Jessica was launched into the air and landed so hard that she was knocked out cold. The back of her head smacked hard on the arena floor knockin her senseless instantly and she did not move . I have never been so frightened in my life. I was so thankful that Jessica was wearing her helmet and all I could think of was that I hoped that she had just been knocked cold and nothing worse than that. She was unconscious for about 5 or 6 minutes but she came to before the paramedics arrived. She was very disoriented and fuzzy and had to ask me what had happened to her and I told her that she had fallen and had been knocked out cold in the fall for a while, but that she was going to be all right. We went to the hospital and after all the tests the result was a mild to moderate concussion. I think that she came out very lucky considering how badly she would have been hurt if she had not been wearing her helmet

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