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helmets by Paula

I have been riding off and on for years, and finally got consitent riding with a trainer, and eventually bought my first horse, at the age of 38. Most everyone in the dressage barn did not wear a helmet, but I wore one every, every time. Didn't care how I looked before, during or after my ride (helmet hair).

On my 4th ride on my new horse,n an enclosed arena, she spooked because another horse did, and off I went. (My trainer, once she saw I was OK and had caught the mare, said "Well, you've fallen off your new horse, so you don't have to worry about that anymore!")

This was the first of several crashes, all on the flat, mostly my fault, as I'd rather ditch than stay on! But each time my helmet took a hit, I replaced it. I know for sure that at least twice it saved me from going to the hospital.

My carriage driving partner and I have the same rule about helmets while driving. It is a must, even when "just" schooling dressage. She is an older lady who has already had a head injury, and insists on helmets being worn on her farm. We've never needed them, and hope it stays that way.

I make a point to say how glad I am when I see someone wearing a helmet. I've even loaned mine for someone to try out. I've noticed now more people are wearing them, even while "just" working on the flat.

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