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So close to serious injury by Alia

After a brisk afternoon ride I opened the gate to let myself and my mare back in. As we passed by the hitching post my stirrup snagged for a split second, and before I could react she had leaped forward, causing the saddle to slide and making her panic more. She bucked, and after being launched into the air, gravity came into play. I fell on my side, smacking my head on the ground as I came down. I watched her fore feet smash into the ground inches in front of my face. Although her feet did not connect with any part of my body, and I missed hitting the hitching post by less than half a foot, I love my helmet immensley. I could have had a head injury from smacking my head like that without a helmet, and if the dirt failed that, there were some rocks close at hand. As it was, I got up with only a few bruises on my thigh. I've always joked that, after my two horses, my saddle (which needs a few repairs after this) is my third child. Well now I have a fourth - my beloved helmet.

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