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Fatal accident without helmet by Kay

The very first time my husband mounted a new horse, the horse immediately started bucking liking crazy. After six or seven bucks my husband came off, landing with his back to the horse. I didn't even realize he had been kicked in the head until I noticed he wasn't moving. His skull was split open down the middle and across to one side while the back of his skull was broken into several pieces. He was moved by helicopter to the trauma center where he rec'd four hrs of brain surgery. He was not expected to survive the brain surgery, but did. Unfortunately, he passed away five days later after tests showed no brain activity and life support was removed. His neurosurgeon said it was probably the most severe brain injury a person could have and there was just too much damage.

I don't know if a helmet would have saved his life or not, but it certainly would have increased the odds. Now, I'm left without a husband and three little children (7,4,& 2)are without their daddy. I wouldn't wish this nightmare on anyone and would encourage anyone dealing with horses to wear a helmet. We always made our kids wear helmets, but never did ourselves. Where's the sense in that?

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