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Thank God for my helmet! by Michelle

My husband and I planned a short trail ride "just the two of us" while our daughter was away at camp. My husband rode our green broke 6 year old Clydesdale gelding Marley, and I rode our barn manager's QH mare Starburst. I hadn't ridden the mare frequently, but I have worked with her, and she is not an unfamiliar horse. Starburst became frightened in the traffic on the road leading to the trail, reared up at the edge of a ditch, and flipped over backward on top of me. I am severely bruised on the left side of my chest and face, but the only bone I broke was my left big toe! I am so fortunate to be alive because I was wearing my helmet. I truly believe it saved my life that day. My sweet Marley showed his true colors and a heart big enough to match his dinner plate sized feet by letting me lay across his neck all the way home.

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