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helmet story by Paddy

Our 10 year old daughter Bridget was riding our mare who is/was quite herd bound. As B cantered up the hill in our lower pasture, Darby "lost her mind" and began bucking. Bridget tried to stay on but was thrown off the horse and over a 4 foot electric fence. When I got to her she was yelling at the horse. She stopped long enough to tell me, "At least I had on my helmet", and then continued to berate Darby. A quick trip to the ED confirmed that she was fine, we were worried about kidney injury because of the location of the bruises.

I grew up in Missouri and NEVER wore a helmet, my kids always do! Thankfully we have a healthy daughter, I am afraid to imagine what could have happened had she not had on her helmet. She has a lovely new one, "With a visor mama!"

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