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Helmet Story by Gary

I am an Army Flight Surgeon and Family Physician at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Just two nights ago, a friend called and said his wife had been bucked off her hunter jumper horse. His wife is a highly experienced rider, who has ridden and hunted for over 50 years. She is on the hunt staff of our hunt. She landed squarely on her head. Her helmet saved her life. She is bruised but well. Her horse was at the walk and just started to buck. He bucked three times and the third time threw her clear over his head.

I am constantly astounded that anyone would ride without a helmet. It makes about as much sense as jumping out of an airplane without a parachute. No Army helicopter pilot is permitted to fly without a helmet. No rider should be on a horse without a helmet. The masters of our hunt will send a rider back to the van or stables, if they show up without a helmet. I know they do not always look as cool as a cowboy hat, but being dead is awesomely uncool.

Get helmet. Wear it.

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