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it could have saved me. by Rhiannon

About 2 months ago i was riding my four year old Haflinger mare out on a simple and relaxing hack with a few friends when everything just went wrong. A friend of mine was attempting to jump over a log but her horse kept refusing, so i said i would take the lead as my horse is very forward going and in the year i have had her she has never once refused a jump. As usual she set of towards the jump at a pace and just before take she flew to the side, a blackbird flew at us and it had completely terrified her. Not expecting this sudden change in direction i fell straight to the floor and with my grounding i heard a horrenodus crunch, i knew it immediately my leg was broken. I was taken to hospital where i was infomed i ahd broken my leg in two places, distorted my ankle joint, fractured my wrist anf cracked my collerbone. I had to stay in hospital for a long period of time and luckily with the help of suregery my injuries have been fixed. But i just think to myself, i caused such a horrific injury by just toppling off. I thank god everyday that i had been wearing a protective riding helmet becuase i my leg sustained that much damage think what could have happened to my brain. People don't realise how important it is to wear a helmet whenever you are riding whether it be at a competition or just bare backing nack to the stable across a field, horses have mind just like us and fear alike us, they are unpredicatble animals and people should just realise this before they make the decision not to wear a helmet. I didn't expect any of what happened to me and no one ever does, so why take the chance and risk your whole life just so your hair doesn't get a little bit out of place.

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