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Even a stupid little fall can be dangerous by Lisa

I was cantering my friend's Morgan in her small ring, quite slowly, but he tripped and I went half over his shoulder and then he sped up and I don't know exactly what happened next. I remember thinking, "Oh, h*ll, I'm coming off!" and then I was in my friend's car telling her about the strangest dream I'd just had. Only it wasn't a dream; we were on our way to the hospital where the doctor confirmed that I had a mild concussion, even with a helmet on. Somehow I'd landed on the back of my head. Three weeks later, another friend had a much worse fall and sustained a more severe concussion, again with a helmet on.

Nobody in our family gets on a horse without a helmet, even at our favorite family vacation on a ranch, where at least 2/3 of the guests (and most of them inexperienced riders) don't wear them. I cannot understand letting your child ride without one or taking the risk yourself.

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