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my miracle by tayla

I am 11,and i was riding on my farm. i was riding bareback, because we only had one saddle, and my mom thought that if i fell, i would just slide off, and land on the sand paddock. my mother was riding another horse, and she was ahead of me. we were going back to untack, and i was trying to get him to walk a bit faster. he started trotting, and as i was trying to stop him, he panicked, and cantered. as i fell, i held onto the reins, and as a result, i was pulled under him. by this time, my mother turned around and saw, although she cannot recall what happened, as it happened too fast. as i fell, i got struck by his front right hoof on the jaw. i got up, crying. mum saw me and said to go up to the house. so i did . i was taken to the hospital in mums car. i have a little brother that rushed out with his friend and said eeeewwwwwwwwww and then went inside to play in the house. as we got to the hospital, we were iformed that i would have to go to a bigger hospital, in the outskirts of Perth. we lived about 40 ks away, so first we went home to change my bloody pants,. we went to the hospital, and i found out that a plastic surgeon would have to do surjery, because i had torn below my lip in two places, and down the left side of my jaw. i had also ripped through the two places underneath my lip, so it was like a window. i also teared the bottom of my jaw, and it was inside. i had about 45 stitches in the end. i also had to stay at the hospital. after, i was fine,but i had to go to this trauma person for a while but i was fine. the plastic surjeon said that if i didnt have a helmet, i would of had more serious injury, because troy wouldnt of slipped on the helmet and hit my jaw instead. i am still riding, and i enjoy it. but am very aware that i should get more control over the horse before i ride bare back.

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