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Toxel saved me in train-wreck accident by Sheila

For Father's Day, went to test drive a 'gentle horse' for my husband. Riding a borrowed horse belonging to a friend of the woman we were riding with. Nice ride. Horse spooked on a property as we were passing and charged onto the trail spooking our horses. Could not stop my horse with emergency one-rain stop. Thought if I could hang on I might make it. Unfortunately, the spooked horse came back onto the trail ahead of me and the last I remembered was feeling like I was riding in a football skirmish. When I came to, seeing my bloody husband, I asked if we had dropped out of an airplane because I hurt so bad. Fractured pelvis front and back on right and left hand with thumb shattered into 16 pieces. Broken glasses, scraped up face, arms, legs, and banged up Troxel helmet. THANK GOD I was wearing a helmet. Can't imagine how I would actually go on trail rides whenever I could if on vacation. The paramedics said I would be seriously, seriously injured without that helmet and that they thought I was lucky to be alive. Lucky to be using both hands to type this almost 6 months later. Wear those helmets!!!!

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