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My favorite horse bucks me off by Erin

I was riding my favorite "bomb-proof", been there, done that horse, Ben in my best friend's back yard with another friend of ours and her horse Sonic.

Unfortunately Ben is buddy-sour, meaning he doesn't like to leave his pasture buddy, Sonic. Both Ben and Sonic enjoy being in the lead so my friend and I decided to go on different trails in the yard so both horses would be in the "lead". BAD IDEA! As soon as Ben saw that Sonic was gone he whirled around, started bucking hard to get me off his back, then galloped over to Sonic. After a good five minutes he allowed himself to be caught. Ben wasn't hurt but I landed headfirst on a hard wooden fence. If it wasn't for my helmet I might not be writing this. I always thank the Lord for my riding instructor who won't let us on or near any horse without a helmet.

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