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Triumph in the Battle for Helmet Acceptence! by Becky

Last year I posted my helmet story. In it, I mentioned that I belong to the USWRCA (Utah State Western Rding Club Association). I am the only one who wears a helmet in the entire Association. I fought to be able to wear it, because the rule book stated that only western hats were to be worn (ladies could ride bare-headed).

This year, I was thumbing through the new rule book, when to my surprise, I came upon a new rule. In bold letters, the new rule says, "As a safety issue, approved riding helmets may be worn in lieu of western hats by both men and women in all timed events."

As you can well imagine, I jumped up and did the end-zone dance! My mother was thrilled, saying, "Now people won't ridcule you." My reply was that they will STILL ridicule me, but at least now I'm legal. ; )

I feel special, too, because as the only helmet-wearer, you know they added that rule just for me!

Here's hoping that someday others will be encouraged to join me so I won't look QUITE so silly, but, as someone pointed out, at least I'm highly recognizable; the whole USWRCA knows who I am by now! Just follow the bouncing helmet......

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