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A helment saved my life by Alison

I had been riding for about two years before my accident and thought I was a good rider. When I was 13 Mum leased me my first horse and I was out training with it for my first pony club event. My trainer took me out to an open field in which I had rode many times before. I started the warm up when I lost control of my horse and my body, I fell and went under my horse at a canter. My horse kicks me in the back of the head and my lower back. I was very lucky I had put my helmet on to ride. I spent four days in hospitable with possible brain damage, kidney damage and lower back damage. The doctors were happy with my recover but it would have been much worse if I hand not worn my helmet. In fact the doctors said if I had not been wearing my helmet then it would be my parents posting this message with a very different ending. Please when you ride your horse, bike or anything that has helmets as a safety tool wear it, don't let it be your parents that have to post the safety warning to others.

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